Tax consultancy

Whether you are a private individual or a small or medium-sized business, our team of experienced experts can advise you on all aspects of tax to ensure your tax position is optimised and any tax due is calculated accurately. It’s not just about ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, however. Above all, our main aim is to provide tax planning services which ensure that your tax position is optimised according to your personal circumstances. This means you will always know how much tax you will have to pay, which allows you to plan accordingly.

The services we offer are as individual and varied as the requirements which arise from your personal and financial circumstances.

One important point to remember: you alone decide what level of support you would like from us, and in what areas. We aim to reduce your tax burden and to optimise your tax position – another stepping stone on your pathway to success.

Regardless of the size of your business, keeping proper financial records is one of the duties required of an entrepreneur under tax and commercial law. It’s not just about presenting historical business transactions for the past months and years; monitoring progress throughout the year to ensure your business is on the right track is just as important.

It goes without saying that we will deal with all of your financial accounting and bookkeeping affairs, including your advance VAT returns, in a timely and accurate manner and in compliance with legislation. Monthly financial statements, individual management accounting reports, actual v budget comparisons and other analyses are used to make the financial figures available to you quickly. We will analyse these reports with you and will, if required, help you to identify any action that needs to be taken.

What is the benefit to you? You will always have an overview of the current position of your business. Having reliable data will allow you to plan your cash flow and liquidity position with confidence.

To be accurate and timely – these are the main requirements of the payroll accounting function of a business. This is also what employees and social security and tax authorities expect. Meeting these requirements can involve a lot of effort in terms of time and cost.

We can take over your complete payroll accounting function including maintenance of the payroll accounts and payroll master data. Your documents can be worked upon by means of a paper-based exchange of information or by using modern digitisation systems. If required, we will prepare various analysis reports and holiday and sickness statistics. We will also keep track of all accounting procedures, statutory deadlines and tax consequences for you. We will show you how you could minimise your personnel costs and will support you in internal processes as well as during external tax or social security audits.

What is the advantage to you? By using an external payroll accounting service, you can concentrate on your core competencies and rely on the fact that all payroll-related record keeping and payments are being dealt with properly and on time.

All types of accounts are subject to specific requirements which are prescribed by law. The legal form of your business plays an important role in this regard. In addition, the peculiarities of the sector you operate in have to be taken into account.

For the annual financial statements, we will process your bookkeeping data and prepare a business analysis which takes account of all requirements relating to their preparation and all the statutory provisions and business regulations. This structured documentation of numbers and data forms the basis for a tax audit. It can also be referred to when dealing with questions of tax optimisation or may be used by third parties such as rating agencies or credit insurers in their analysis. Annual financial statements are an important tool which banks use to rate your business; the annual financial statements are fundamental to lending decisions. We will accompany you to bank meetings as appropriate and will, if desired, participate in the meeting at which your annual financial statements are discussed.

Every year, there is one item on your list of things to do which unfortunately cannot be ignored – regardless of whether you are a private individual, an association or an SME, you will have to complete your annual tax return.

We will support you throughout the whole process as part of our tax advisory service – from establishing the data that is relevant for tax purposes and preparing your tax return to checking the tax office assessment notices and providing assistance with a tax audit. Our advice will ensure that you have a clear understanding of any financial advantages and disadvantages. We will, together with you, ensure that the relevant tax deadlines are met and will support you during any appeal or legal proceedings and during field audits. Our experts will work in partnership with you while maintaining confidentiality and discretion at all times.
Tax planning that is tailored to your specific circumstances creates the basis for achieving the best possible solution for you and ensures that your tax burden is minimised as much as possible.

You may, as an entrepreneur, be responsible for a number of firms. Or you may manage various branches or have different projects and lines of business under your control.
In order to improve the profitability of your business, you need to know what all the costs are, be able to analyse them in detail and compare them with income. It is important to define core terms such as “expense”, “costs”, “income” and “gross operating revenue” based on the actual situation in your business so as to create a basis for effective and accurate costing calculations.
Our experienced advisers will help you to design this process effectively so that you have reliable data upon which to base your strategic business decisions.

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