Economic globalisation is creating opportunities for companies to operate internationally and to access new markets in other countries. Tax legislation and tax case law are, however, becoming ever more complex, with the demand for competent expert advice rising as a result. And – different countries do things differently. To be successful in business, it is important that you participate in the linguistic, societal and cultural realities of the other country and give them their due respect.

Our experienced team of advisers and network partners in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria will support you locally with the implementation of your business goals and investment projects. We are just as able to assist German companies with their activities in Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria, as we are able to support Polish, Czech and Austrian companies entering the German market – from company formation, expansion and restructuring right through to succession planning.

Our employees, with whom you can discuss your affairs in German, English, Polish or Czech, will ensure that these processes are also well supported from a linguistic perspective.

Is your German business looking for opportunities to generate sales in Poland, the Czech Republic or Austria? Are you thinking about setting up a branch abroad? Or are you looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in Germany for your Polish, Czech or Austrian business? Either way, the advisers at Anochin, Roters & Kollegen are the best people to contact.

Why not place your trust in our experience of cross-border processes and services?

We can assist you with buying a business or setting up branches and subsidiaries abroad, provide information on international taxation or double taxation agreements and advise you on the setting of transfer prices as well as on inbound and outbound investments. Our experienced team of advisers will advise you on all tax and budgeting matters. We can take over your financial accounting and bookkeeping function and you can of course also rely on us if you would like someone to accompany you to important meetings. We provide this service in direct cooperation with our advisers and network partners in Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Nearly all cross-border transactions have tax consequences of one sort or another. There are a myriad of complex regulations in national tax systems and international tax agreements which have to be complied with. Why not allow us to use our expertise to help you with your international tax issues?

Whether your business is operating in a number of countries and you are looking for attractive investment opportunities or you want help with starting your business in a foreign market, we can support you in planning your cross-border investments, with due regard to international tax law.

Our international advisers can help to clarify questions arising from double taxation agreements, take on the structuring and documentation of transfer prices for you and analyse the main issues for your inbound and outbound investments to ensure the most favourable outcome.

Our qualified team of advisers can offer you tailor-made solutions for your specific business activities – tax efficient and for the long term.

To be successful in international trade, thorough preparation is particularly important. Not only do tax questions play a major role, but there are also many regulations arising from international contract law which need to be considered. This requires comprehensive knowledge. SMEs generally don’t have their own legal departments to assist them with the drafting of contracts, but they still have to be able to handle foreign transactions safely and successfully.

We are experts in international contract law and can, together with our partners, support you in implementing your cross-border business goals and investment projects. We can advise you if you want to set up a business or a branch abroad, identify which legal form is best suited to your requirements and help you to implement your plans and draw up international contracts. We will show you how to minimise risks when drafting contracts (defects warranty, default, setting payment conditions, etc.) and will, if desired, accompany you to important meetings and appointments.

Why not benefit from our international experience and create a solid legal foundation for your business project, for now and into the future?

Are you planning to invest in a foreign market? Perhaps you want to set up operations or a company abroad or you plan to employ a sales force in another country?

We can support you in the careful, long-term planning of your cross-border investments and will also assist you with the implementation. Our experienced advisers and network partners in various countries will provide you with competent and comprehensive support, offering you tailor-made solutions for your individual investment projects. Tax aspects arising from the domestic peculiarities of international investments as well as the effects from double taxation are considered in particular.

You will benefit from the long-standing experience of our team of advisers and create a solid foundation for the success of your business in other countries.

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