Business advisory

It is important that you retain an overview of your business. You therefore need comprehensive information about its performance and trading position. Perhaps you would like to introduce clear structures to your daily operations.

This is where we can help with our professional business advisory support. We will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business and will, together with you, develop strategies and recommended courses of action so that you can permanently counteract any weaknesses and ensure the strengths of your business are consolidated or improved.

This will allow you to fine-tune the focus of your entrepreneurial activity so that your business is profitable and successful in the years ahead.

Perhaps you want to set a budget for your financial year or you would like to start a new business. Or maybe you already are an entrepreneur, but are considering restructuring your operations. It could be that you want to take your business in a new direction and that you are seeking investors. A detailed business plan is important in all these scenarios in order to assess how your business model might perform over the next few years.

We can provide comprehensive advice to assist with the preparation of your business plan. Together, we will establish the relevant figures and data for the projections through forecasting, evaluate the profitability of your proposed business venture, analyse the liquidity required and document the result in a profitability and liquidity projection.

Taking this as a starting point, such a budget/actual comparison can be used within your business to check whether targets are being achieved.

Furthermore, you can use your business plan as a decision making-tool for potential investors who may wish to support your entrepreneurial venture, or for obtaining bank borrowing. A business plan that has been well thought through and researched is an important management accounting tool and may be regarded as the show case for your business.

Are you thinking of forming a new company or planning to take over a business as part of a succession plan? Perhaps you need some help with implementing your plans?

Our experienced advisers can assist you with all business start-up and company formation matters. This will involve preparing an informative report on the business concept which will be presented in a detailed business plan. This can be used to establish whether your entrepreneurial venture is viable. We will advise you on planning your investment, will provide well-founded arguments to help you decide which legal form is best for your business and will assist you in meeting the necessary formalities. You can also count on us if you would like us to accompany you to important meetings or appointments with your bank. If you want to obtain public subsidies or grants, you can of course also rely on us to be at your side to guide you every step of the way.

You’re the one with the idea for a new business venture – we in turn are offering you our expertise and many years of experience to help you make this idea a reality. During this process, we will always give consideration to all relevant legal, business and tax requirements so as to ensure you and your venture are set up in the best possible way.

The question of affordability is always key when funding is required for capital expenditure or when current business operations necessitate the refinancing of existing liabilities.

As part of a capital expenditure review, we will analyse your financing requirement with you, highlight your current financial position, also from a tax perspective, and work with you to establish a sound plan. We will prepare a capital budget which you can use to assess what level of gross profit you need to generate for your investment to be profitable and we will establish the break-even point of your investment. We will support you in preparing for meetings with banks or lease finance providers and will, if desired, accompany you to important meetings.

Financing and capital expenditure planning which is transparent and tailored to your individual needs is an important step towards success.  It helps to safeguard the profitability of your business and to create sufficient financial opportunities for you as a private individual – not just for today, but also for the future.

Are you thinking of changing the structure of your business? This may be necessary because you are planning to join forces with another business or because you want to reorganise sub-segments within your business. Maybe you’ve even decided that it is time to part company with your fellow shareholders or partners.

We will provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on the decisions that need to be taken when engaging in reorganisations and the matters you need to be mindful of. This starts with the selection of the legal form. In addition, we will support you in the preparation of your business plan, analyse your financing and capital expenditure requirements and, with the help of a tax comparison tool, determine the best way for you to implement the reorganisation of your business. Furthermore, we will, if desired, accompany you to all important meetings and bank appointments.

With us as a competent partner at your side, you can make decisions about the future focus of your business knowing that all relevant legal, tax and business factors have been taken into account.

Market conditions keep changing, which is why businesses have to keep re-examining whether their strategic focus is appropriate and continues to offer strong prospects for the future.

Anochin, Roters & Kollegen’s team of advisers will provide comprehensive support in numerous ways to assist you with strategic development regardless of whether this involves new strategies for the direction of your business as a result of corporate legislation, medium- and long-term refocusing or reorganisation. We will help you through the process of planning your future for the long term.

Why not place your trust in our many years of experience and make use of our expert advice to help you plan for future business success?

Perhaps your company is in a difficult financial position and you would like to avoid insolvency. It’s important to know what courses of action are open to you and what you have to do to successfully restructure your company.

We will help you analyse the causes of the crisis and identify the measures that need to be taken to restructure. The aim is to limit the damage for all interested parties and to return your company to profitability. Our experienced advisers will, together with our network partners, develop comprehensive outline restructuring solutions for your company, for example in the areas of insolvency and employment law. We will provide you with well-researched facts and figures to support your arguments in difficult conversations and will accompany you, if desired, to important appointments and bank meetings. We are there for you when you have to make difficult decisions.

Why not take this opportunity to help your company revitalise its earnings power? You will be making sure that your life’s work is placed on a new footing and preserved for the future.

Everyone, whether a private individual or an entrepreneur, works hard to ensure they can enjoy their retirement. Maybe you’re wondering what provision you need to make for your retirement so you can plan how to spend this time of your life; none of us can rely on the state to support us in our old age any more. It is important to set up your own arrangements for your future income at an early stage. We will help you by giving you independent advice on providing for your retirement.

As part of a plan to provide for retirement, we will analyse your private assets with you and together establish the optimum strategy to build up your retirement provision, based on your individual needs. If there are gaps in your retirement provision, we will identify these and demonstrate how they might be closed, taking account of different scenarios such as life expectancy, interest rates and the rate of inflation. We don’t actually sell financial products, however. Our mandate is to purely provide you with independent advice, for your own benefit, on what measures you need to take to maintain your desired standard of living in the future.

How can you benefit? You have the opportunity to set up comprehensive retirement provision arrangements for you and your family for the years when you are no longer working.

Have you reached that stage in life where you want to put your affairs in order? Maybe as part of this you are considering transferring your business to the next generation? Or do you intend to sell your business, and need to determine a realistic sales price? There are also many questions that need to be answered if you want to take over another business and are one of the “successors”.

Our advisers will work with you in confidence to establish a comprehensive succession plan – which can often be a rather emotional process. They will perform a business valuation as part of providing advice on the succession, establish the best legal form, conduct negotiations on your behalf if you so wish and provide comprehensive information on the funding options that are available at the time. As part of this, we will seek to discreetly establish what your main concerns are. We will support you in preparing and initiating all the necessary steps in good time and in good order. Furthermore, we will establish the best way to minimise your tax burden. Why not take advantage of our long-standing experience in transition management, if desired also beyond the process itself?

What’s the benefit to you? You are reaching important decisions on the succession of your business in good time based on well-founded facts and figures and are specifically preparing for the permanent hand-over of your life’s work.

Do you need our support?