Audit and assurance

The audit of single-entity annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements, numerous types of special audits and the preparation of expert opinions, particularly as part of business valuations, are all part of audit and assurance services.

Close cooperation between you, the client, and us, the advisory firm, is important. Not only do we have specific expertise and many years of experience, we also have the necessary means to read facts and figures, assess them and compare them with data that is customary in your sector. We know how important it is to ask the right questions and incorporate this into our analyses. As a result, we turn financial statements, accounts, cost accounts and cash flow statements into valuable sources of information for you.

Single-entity annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements as well as all types of other accounts are subject to specific requirements which are prescribed by law. This also applies to voluntary audits.

Anochin, Roters & Kollegen is a registered statutory German public audit firm. Our experienced German public auditors and advisers audit annual financial statements – also as part of voluntary audits – for businesses of differing sizes and legal forms operating in a variety of sectors. We don’t just see our work as meeting legal requirements; rather, we regard it as a process which provides you with important information about your business.

Buying or selling a business is always an intense and demanding process for all involved.

Our experienced German public auditors and advisers will accompany you through this process – your trusted adviser at your side. We will carry out the necessary business valuations, determine the purchase or selling price and perform due diligence as required. We will carefully prepare traceable and transparent facts and figures for you. In addition we will also, if desired, assist you by attending price and financing negotiations.

Why not benefit from our long-standing experience in business succession processes and business valuations and use this to give you confidence to make a well-founded decision?

Whether the appropriate level of settlement for a retiring partner or shareholder in your business needs to be determined as part of litigation proceedings, or the facts in arbitration proceedings are to be subjected to a limited audit, expert opinions may be instructed for any area of a business.

Our experienced German public auditors will carefully prepare facts and figures according to your requirements and accompany you to on-site visits and other important meetings. Furthermore, we also prepare expert opinions for the civil courts.

What is the advantage to you? You can make a well-founded decision based on an independent, objective and impartial expert opinion.

In addition, we perform many special audits, including the following:

  • Audits under the Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung (MabV – German Brokers’ and Commercial Developers’ Regulations)
  • Audits under the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (EEG – Renewable Energy Sources Act)
  • Audits of license fees (DSD, Interseroh, etc.)
  • Due diligence


Audits under the Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance


Audits under the Renewable Energy Law

DSD, Interseroh

Audits of license fees

Due diligence

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