Anochin, Roters & Kollegen GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft and its affiliates (known as the ARK Group) are run by their respective owners.
We offer tax and commercial consulting, and audit services dedicated for medium-sized businesses, to our clients.
Our advisers extensively exchange their expertise internationally in their business areas which allows us to offer individual, comprehensive solutions that are quick to implement are dedicated for small and medium-sized businesses, and also for private clients.
Anochin, Roters & Kollegen can boast of over 60 years of experience worked out in collaboration with its predecessors. We feel bound to continue this tradition.
Since our legal firm was established, we remain a modern international counsel that provides tax and commercial advice, and audit services. Our branch offices are in Germany, Poland, Czechia, Austria and Slovakia.
A strong focus on issues concerning medium-sized businesses, frequent contact with clients and close attention to international matters constantly grows our client base.
For some of our clients it is the second and third generations that still have confidence in us.
Personal contact is very important to us.
Our comprehensive and personal advice brings a vision of development to our clients – High value advice.

Anochin, Roters & Kollegen is your strong and reliable partner – not just in good times but also when the going gets tough

Our offer is strongly focused on medium-sized businesses. We specialize in tax and commercial consulting, audits and legal advice.
Moreover, we offer a broad spectrum of international services. These include international tax consulting and advice on the grounds of international commercial law.
Tax returns, and also tax and legal advice for German and other businesses is where we excel.
As far as cross-border legal and tax matters are concerned our focus is on German-Polish and German-Czech business transactions and trade.
We support foreign entrepreneurs in all trade and tax related matters that may arise when they enter the German market.

Manufacturers, service providers and traders, irrespective of their size and legal form, are our clients in respect of consulting and audit services. Private clients are also in our client base.
Please excuse us that no client reference list is published by us. This is due to legal and confidentiality reasons. We will gladly provide a list at your request in a private meeting.

The law firm Anochin, Roters & Kollegen is led by two managing directors, Mr Stefan Anochin and Mr Andreas Roters

In addition to the above mentioned managing directors, Anochin, Roters & Kollegen employs two more chartered accountants, approximately 20 tax advisors and four lawyers.

In total, more than 180 employees at 12 locations work for our clients at home and abroad.

Anochin, Roters & Kollegen demonstrates a modern approach to consulting. We combine professional services with strong personal commitment.
What attracts and keeps our clients with us are the quality audits and advice, our highly professional expertise and practical experience.
We attach great importance to ensuring that our work does not bring about any surprises and unexpected turnarounds. Our open communication with the clients at every stage of our relations is crucial for this.
Irrespective of the issues that may emerge, we create comprehensive solutions based on the latest legal developments, and assist our clients in their practical implementation.
Long-lasting relationship with our clients is what we strive to build and grow.
Our local teams and German experts are available to our clients on the spot. We have our teams in Austria, Czechia and Poland.
Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and competent advice in all issues related to tax law, audit, legal counselling and business consulting. In commercial and tax law related matters we rely on the expertise of our in-house lawyers.
Enhancement of operational processes is inherent in our tax advice and audits.
This is why we place considerable weight on extensive engagement of our clients when we start our business relationship. As a consequence of this approach we learn to understand their business, identify threats, opportunities for improvement and areas of development.

In cooperation with our long-standing cooperation partners EINSFÜNFACHT Rechtsanwälte Notare (formerly SRK Rechtsanwälte und Notare) our clients can receive comprehensive legal advice from specialists in the fields of labour law, real estate law and media and copyright law. In addition, four notaries are available for the notarisation of legal transactions or the formation of companies, for example.


We work with Sportregion Hannover, which is a joint project of the district and municipal sport associations. Together we support sport associations in the management of membership, accounting and payroll.


In cooperation Klaus Danne, we support our clients in their accomplishment of planned objectives.